WineBerry Bears

WineBerry Bears
Bears Made from the Heart

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorry, been so busy. I went out with Stephie today and we ended up buying about 20 yards of fabric, 4 yards of tulle, 3 yards of interfacing, 300 buttons, silk flowers, bow ties, ribbon, and thread. We also ordered 25 pounds of poly fill stuffing online. Can't buy the boxes at Wal-Mart anymore. Stephie even checked and couldn't find it at Hobby Lobby, Joanns fabric, or that other place in Terre Haute. Strange isn't it? Living in a rural place does have setbacks at times. Anyway, made 13 baby bears and a set of 3 different size set of cats. Will try to get pictures on tomorrow for you to see. I have lots of work staring me in the face, that's for sure. Take care.

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