WineBerry Bears

WineBerry Bears
Bears Made from the Heart

Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh man....I cut and cut and cut today. I have 6 18-inch bears, 2 15-inch bears, and 9 baby bears cut out. I feel like I can't stand up Now I can sit down and get them sewed up without hurting my back. I got my poly fill today, it sure came fast. I used to get 10 pound boxes but am unable to get it locally now. I ordered it and got a 25 pound box. My cat is going to be so excited when I open it. He loves to play in the stuff while I am stuffing bears. He makes a real game of it. He grabs me when I reach in to take some. He's never had this much to play in before, he should be in kitty heaven, lol. Ok everyone, going to go to bed now. It is way early for me, but I am tired of going to bed when hubby is getting up. Have a great day and will see you tomorrow. Here is a picture of Meow Kitty Kats.

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