WineBerry Bears

WineBerry Bears
Bears Made from the Heart

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It seems like forever since I was here. I have been working on one of my Dr. bears. It is so hot upstairs I can hardly stand being up there. I really need to put an air conditioner up there, but money, money, money. I didn't even think of the heat when I had my husband put my studio up there. I guess everything can't be Not to complain....I love my studio and do just wish it wasn't so hot. Had a great time at the grand boys birthday today. They are getting so big. They are great boys, I am truly blessed. Anyway, going to work hard and finish bear number one tomorrow. I have a bbq lunch to do with my brother and daughters family, but still need to get that finished up. We shall see. Check back Have a good one.

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