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WineBerry Bears
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So many of us are so fortunate and don't even realize it sometimes.  I have a friend that just found out that she has breast cancer.  After tests last week she met with Dr. today and was told that one would have to come off for sure and a spot was found on the other breast as well.  I am heartsick as I write this.  Cancer is a terrible thing and takes no concern over who it casts it's spell on.  I am a cancer survivor and I will never forget the call I received at work telling my I had cancer.  I was very lucky and am doing well.  Please ladies(and men) get checked.  Not knowing is not better than knowing.  The sooner these things are caught the better for everyone involved.  It not only touches you but everyone you interact with.  Take that little bit of extra time and money and get any tests you need.  Be generous in giving and doing what you can for the cause.  God bless you all.

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