WineBerry Bears

WineBerry Bears
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tomorrow is New Years Eve already. I sure don't know where the year has gone, they just seem to fly by faster every year. Hubby and I will be staying at home. I don't drink at all and hubby does his beer drinking at home, lol. I don't care to be on the roads with people drinking and driving. I know it happens everyday but more so this time of year. I am not making an resolutions for the New Year. I quit making them some years ago and have never looked back. You have nothing to break, therefore you don't end up feeling like you have failed anything. I think a resolution is just a set up for failure. I think if you try and take care of issues in your life as they come up, you do much better. I work better that way. I hope you all have a Great New Year! May it be filled with peace, love, joy, and happiness. May you be surrounded with those you love and love you. I wish you all to prosper and gain wisdom during the coming year.

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